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How To Protect ADSS Cables During Transportation And Construction?

In the process of transportation and installation of ADSS cable, there will always be some small problems. How to avoid such small problems? Without considering the quality of the optical cable itself, the following points need to be done. The performance of the optical cable is not "actively degenerate".

1. The cable reel with optical cable should be rolled in the direction marked on the side panel of the reel. The rolling distance should not be too long, generally not more than 20 meters. When rolling, care should be taken to prevent obstacles from damaging the packaging board.

2. Lifting equipment such as forklifts or special steps should be used when loading and unloading optical cables.

3. It is strictly forbidden to lay or stack the optical cable reels with optical cables, and the optical cable reels in the carriage must be fortified with wooden blocks.

4. The cable should not be reversed multiple times to avoid the integrity of the internal structure of the optical cable. Before laying the optical cable, a visual inspection, checking the specifications, model, quantity, test length and attenuation, etc., should be carried out for single-reel inspection and acceptance. There is a product factory inspection certificate (should be kept in a safe place for future inquiries), and be careful not to damage the optical cable when removing the cable shield.

5. During the construction process, it should be noted that the bending radius of the optical cable shall not be less than the construction regulations, and the optical cable is not allowed to be excessively bent.

6. The overhead optical cable should be pulled by pulleys. The overhead optical cable should avoid friction with buildings, trees and other facilities. Avoid dragging the ground or rubbing with other sharp and hard objects to damage the outer skin of the optical cable. If necessary, protective measures should be installed. It is strictly forbidden to forcibly pull the optical cable after jumping out of the pulley to prevent the optical cable from being crushed and damaged.


7. Avoid flammable objects as much as possible when designing the optical cable line. If it is unavoidable, the optical cable should take fire protection measures.

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Post time: Nov-28-2022